Valenti Pisa

Valenti has become a well recognized

label in the Italian fashion retail sector. It is based in Pisa, home of the worldwide celebrated leaning tower.

The group roots in the town history so that its first shop, created by Giovanni and Elisa Valenti soon after the Second World War, was located within the building that had been home of Galileo Galilei’s father. You can find it at 28, Borgo Stretto, the heart of Pisa shopping promenade. 

At the end of the ‘70s Giovanni’s and Elisa’s son Massimo together with his wife Ninni challenged the generalized difficult economic trend and went forward by opening their first boutique of accessories.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s Valenti expanded its range of products and started to feed customers growing demand by offering a selection of luxury brands, including Prada, Valentino, Ermanno Daelli, Yves Saint Laurent, and Cartier.

At the beginning of the new millennium the boutique has grown in breadth and appeal. It wears a new dress, abandoning the ‘80s opulence of crystals, marbles, and wood in favour of a minimalist look. Master of the transformation was architect Roberto Baciocchi, whose talented abilities have fed a still lasting precious partnership. Valenti Group includes Borbonese and Timberland exclusive franchising in Pisa. 

Year 2003 was marked by the opening of the Valenti Donna retail point in Borgo Stretto. The boutique has soon become the reference for a novel womenswear fashion concept, showing able to merge fashion and function and it has stirred customers interest throughout Italy.

The following years have seen further developments with the opening at 42 Borgo Stretto of a menswear point in 2005 and of two new shops dedicated to young and street costumers in 2007.

In September 2017, Valenti Group opens the new Flagship Store at 42, Borgo Stretto, thus confirming its creativity and renovation capacity. This is a unique modern space especially dedicated to luxury womenswear collections by most famous international designers.